For our self-service customers download the SpeedQueen App today!  You can select your washer/dryer, pay for your service, check machine status (great for knowing how busy we are before you even leave your house), and earn loyalty points with the app.   We also have a kiosk on site for additional payment options. 

We are a fully attended laundromat.

Endless Laundry's EL RENO location code is CARSON.

Washer Prices

2 load capacity machines start at $2.75

4 load capacity machines start at $5.00

6 load capacity machines start at $7.00

We offer the one size fits all, but also know that people like options.  Our washers are capable of doing different add-on functions to include: warm and hot water washes, deep clean, extra rinse, and prewash, along with many more options.  

Dryer Prices

Our dryer times are set for 33 minutes instead of smaller increments as this is the suggested drying time to complete a normal load.  You still have the option to add extra minutes and the app will notify you when there are 3 minutes left of your dryer in order for you to check your items and add additional time if necessary.

30 # dryers start at $1.75 for 33 minutes

45 # dryers start at $2.50 for 33 minutes

Optional upgrades for reverse tumbling and anti-wrinkle are also available.  These options are great for large bedding items.

The 45 # machines can dry large bedding such as blankets, comforters, and duvets.

Most of our customers spend approximately one hour completing their laundry.  Since we are app based you can continuously monitor how long your machines have left to complete.  This allows you to run errands while your clothes are washing.

NOTICE:  Machine # 9 or #12 are dedicated  for those who need to wash greasy/oily clothes.  Such as those from a mechanic or from the oilfield.  

Machine # 9 is also dedicated to washing animal bedding.

If you choose to use Machine # 9 or #12 for purposes other than indicated please use at your own risk.  We are not responsible for damaged items.