What are your hours?

Monday-Sunday 7:00 AM - 9:00 PM for self service customers. LAST LOAD IN THE WASH IS AT 8 PM.

We are a fully attended facility. If you have questions one of our friendly attendants can assist with walking through the process. We also have the option for laundry drop off and pick up outside of these hours by using our laundry lockers. For more information on our lockers click here.

I see that you are coinless, do you still accept cash?

Yes, we have a payment kiosk that accepts cash. One of our friendly attendants can walk you through the process or you can see the instructions below on how to use this option.

If you are using the SpeedQueen app you can select add funds on the app and then select SpeedQueen Value Center.

  1. You will then go to the payment kiosk and select add funds, a QR code will appear, you can either scan the QR code with your device or enter the code on the screen (8450).

  2. When the light turns green on the kiosk on the bill accepter please insert your funds.

  3. Once the funds have been inserted confirm the amount and you will then see the funds loaded to your SpeedQueen app.

If you are not using the SpeedQueen app you can create an account on the kiosk and insert your cash (bills only). No change is given from the kiosk, so the best route is to create an account, so that you can log back in to start your dryers and your funds will stay with your account and be available to you any time you come into our facility.

  1. You will start your machine directly from the kiosk. To add multiple machines you will first select the first machine you would like to use and go through the prompts for any added features.

  2. When you arrive at the pay screen there will be an option right above the selection of how to pay to add another washer/dryer. Once selected this will take you back to the main screen and will follow the steps previously mentioned.

  3. When ready to pay you will select for the type of payment (cash or card) and process your transaction.

If you choose to start your machine from the kiosk we suggest that you start your experience by placing your items into the machine you wish to use, then go to the payment kiosk and load your funds, then select the machine number and the wash you prefer. You will need to repeat this process for the dryer.

How many washers and dryers do you have?

We have 16 washers to include: Six 20 lb machines that hold two loads of laundry; Six 40 lb machines that hold four loads of laundry; and Four 60 lb machines that hold six loads of laundry. Please note: the fuller the washer the better.

We have 16 dryers to include: Four 30 lb dryers and Twelve 45 lb dryers. The dryers have an optional reverse tumble feature that allows the drum to rotate both ways (unlike your traditional dryer that only turns to the right) to ensure a more efficient dry. Please note: only fill dryers halfway, there are guides on the windows to help ensure you are not overfilling the dryer.

Do you offer a loyalty or rewards program?

Yes, we offer a loyalty program. You will earn 5% and this includes our wash and fold service. That's $1 bonus for every $20. The percentage back will be in the form of credits that can be applied to future use of our services. In order to earn the loyalty points you must have a SpeedQueen account if you are self-service.

What is “last load in”?

If you start your washers by 8:00 pm, you can complete your washing and drying. The doors are locked promptly at 9:00 PM.

Do you offer any food, beverages, or laundry detergent for purchase on site?

Yes, we have vending machines that offer snacks, beverages and laundry supplies for purchase. We also have a state of the art coffee vending machine that offers lattes, cappuccinos, espresso, and coffee. These machines only accept cash.

What sets you apart from other laundromats?

We are a family owned laundromat that prides itself on cleanliness and ease of use for our machines. We also have advanced technology machines, which provides for more efficient washing and drying. The latest technology machines also allow us to offer a cashless experience to those that prefer that option. We seek to create a clean, comfortable, and stress free experience to those who use our facility.

Which washer size should I use to wash my comforter?

It depends on the actual size of your comforter. If the comforter will fit into the washer and you are able to fit your hand between the item and the drum, this is a perfect fit. If the comforter only takes up half of the washer, this washer is too big. The best rule of thumb for the washers is the fuller the better. The dryers on the other hand should only be filled halfway. We recommend using the reverse tumble feature on the dryers for any blankets or comforters.