SpeedQueen App How To

We are the way of the future!

No more carrying those quarters around or standing in long lines at the laundromat. Download the SpeedQueen app today before you even leave your home and see how many machines are available and our prices for each machine. The best part is that the app will also allow you to see how much time is left on your machine and will alert you three minutes before completion. So why not run and grab some lunch, go to the park for a quick walk, or just spend some time with family the freedom is yours without having to sit with your laundry.

Our washers average 25 minutes for a complete wash and our dryers average 33 minutes for a complete dry.

Another fantastic thing about our system is that you can start all of your machines at the same time so they complete at the same time (assuming they are all on the same type of wash).

If you like to pay cash don't fret we still have that option. When loading funds on your SpeedQueen app you can select add funds at the SpeedQueen Value Center. There is a kiosk inside the store that you will insert your cash. Only select this option while at the store.

Don't have a smartphone, no worries! You also have the option to create an account on the kiosk and start your machines directly from the kiosk. The funds will stay with your account until you use them, so each time you visit you will just need to log into your account on the kiosk.

YES, we know that this seems like a lot! However, it's only the initial set up that seems like a lot, once you have the app it is extremely easy and one of our friendly attendants can walk you through the process in store. Here is a review from one of our valued customers

"The app for the machines is such a great feature really makes it easier and I love that you can add time and get notified when your laundry is almost done. "

The instructions for the app are included in the video below. Endless Laundry's location pin code is CARSON